I was kind of making some progress this past month...reeeeal

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I was kind of making some progress this past month...reeeeally small baby steps but I seemed to have come to a standstill. I have some decisions to make -they're not huge but in my current state they 'feel' huge. It's terrifying.
I just can't seem to get off this area of being 'blocked'. My mind has already played out all the 'fallout' that's going to happen if I choose decision A, B, or C....arrrrghhh.
I know I'm 'in my head' too much. Going on reactions and negative experiences of even the (recent) past that were so painful and had just become road blocks of creating meaningful "purpose!"
I know I'm too idealistic for my own good and expect waaaay too much out of life. Guess, bc I've seen and experienced a few amazing moments...were they just flukes? They became my standard.
I guess it's the old, "if you want anything AMAZING to happen you truly have to change your decades-old routine"...knowing it's gonna be painful.
Sorry, don't mean to vent and thanks if you read this to here!

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@Littlesis7 Yep, that's why I found the one pair of high waisted skinny jeans that looks good on my 4'11" athletic/petite frame without even needing to be shortened and purchased 50 pairs of them over the past decade in different washes of denim. No need to buy jeans ever again for me and even if the times change and the style is out, I'll still rock em' like I do with my feathered Farrah Fawcett haircut, There's a YouTube channel I love to watch called "Fashion By Look" and it categorizes fashion shows by year for their series "Year in Fashion" and I love to look at their fashion shows from the 80's. Project Runway was one of my favorite shows on TV when I watched it and I also like to watch creative TV shows whether its fashion or baking desserts and a reality tv show about hairdressers that came out years ago. Fashion is such an artform and I love color theory- remember that fashion/beauty self-help book called "Color Me Beautiful"? I'm a "Spring" color season and I love to go through that book and use it as reference for my style and makeup choices.

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Aug 9

@MiniMeltdown07 Oh I remember the 'Color me Beautiful' - think I'm what they call: cool Summer lol.
Hundreds of years in the future they'll find these buried homes with nothing but stacks n stacks of JEANS.
Glad you found something classic that works for you. Alright you've convinced me, I'll check out 'fashion by look'...
I think as a fabric 'crafts-person' (LOVE IT...hard to explain lol) I'm always going to be drawn to the Anthropological side of all this.


@Littlesis7 Ooh Cool Summer is a great season to be!! Yep, the archeologists will dig up hundreds of stacks of jeans and pointed toe flats. Definitely check out "Fashion By Look"- it is such a fun YouTube channel, and the fashion shows are so much fun to watch by each year! I look at some of my color schemes I wear in my outfits or signature wardrobe staples and think, "Wow! These were all the rage in 1987!"


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