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November 19th, 2020


I tried to reach out to someone and got plastic smile as a r

I tried to reach out to someone and got plastic smile as a reaction. It hasn't happened recently but I don't usually try and it's still haunting me.

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Nov 24

I think that's commendable for reaching out to someone else and trying to brighten their day. We need more people in this World to do the same thing. Don't judge by facial expressions. My spouse and daughter, both told me one time each that I had an angry look on my face. My spouse even asked me if I was angry with her, to which I replied, "No, I feel content, like emotionless, thoughtless, and just going through the motions of completing tasks without thinking about anything." She told me that she was apprehensive about talking with me because my facial expression looked like I was angry. Point being, don't assume that a smile is "plastic" or fake, when you don't know what the other person is thinking about. Be proud of your positivity, and if the other person seems negative, ignore their response. Likewise, sometimes I have people smile at me who expect me to reciprocate the same facial expression, but then, I remember how my spouse had always told me that she sees a lot of eye wrinkles (crows feet) around my eyes when I smile. Therefore, I'm a little more reluctant to show my true emotion.

My spouse told me a long time ago that she thought I was going crazy because I was spacing out sometimes, and every now and then talking to myself. Then, I explained to her that I tend to have about 30+ issues circulating throughout my mind at a time. Back then, I had an important job that could cause people to die if I didn't do a good job, or if I did my job wrong. I would replay daily events and conversations in my mind, to ensure that I didn't overlook anything, or make any mistakes, and figuring out if I could have done or said something better; I didn't have anyone who I could trust to talk with, so I would talk to myself sometimes when I replayed earlier conversations in my mind. Back then, my psychology professor informed the class that people who re-enact earlier conversations, arguments, and debates, are better off than people who don't do that because it helps them be prepared for the next time they encounter that situation.

In summary, don't judge people by what you see. If perception is 100% reality, then illusionists and magicians would be immortal gods. It's also part of the reason why I gave up Christianity a long time ago.

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Nov 21

@anothertry Not questioning. Trying to understand the whole picture

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Nov 30

@anothertry I can't even count the times I've been stabbed in the back by people I put my trust in. It's hard to balance relationships in circumstances like this when you stop trusting everyone.


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