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I really hate my life. I am very alone. Just got the news my

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I really hate my life. I am very alone. Just got the news my ct scan showed a spot on my kidney. This has me wanting to just give up. I have no friend to share this news with. My husband is away for 3 weeks (and it is a strained relationship anyway). I just want to give up.

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Mar 14

Hey Merhen, sorry you are feeling so low. When do you see the doctor again to get more info on CT results? Are you able to get out of the house to go do something to get your mind on something else?

Mar 15

Welcome to the SG Depression group. We are happy that you have joined us. This is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Continue to post and you will make friends and receive help and support. I am sorry to hear that you are lonely. I also feel sorry that you and your husband have a strained relationship and for your health issues. We are here to support you so keep us posted on any updates.

Mar 19

just thought I would check back to see how you are doing today?


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