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I m struggling with the simple tasks of life. Why can't I be

I m struggling with the simple tasks of life. Why can't I be happy? It's like my fate to be sad all the time. I can't remember one good thing in my life. I was working, I stopped to attend school because the program was a full time one, found out I had HSV and then my bf broke up with me, we went back together and now it's over again. Sometimes I wish I was invisible because the pain I am feeling is so deep that the words coming out of my mouth cant explain it so I sit and stare then the tears flow and I feel even worse than ever because all I know is rejection

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Mar 13

If you feel this is just too much and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, getting therapy and trying medication is not a bad idea.

Mar 13


I agree that you should get some professional health care. You are an important worthy person who needs to put yourself first and get the help you deserve and need.


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