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I just feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with

I just feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with me. It seems like I can't understand or see anything on my own. People are often mean to me and I won't even know, I've been severely manipulated and still I never even know. I just feel like maybe I'm just stupid and that makes me really upset. I get worried that I will never be able to fix these things and offer my own insight to my loved ones. That though just makes me feel like I'm not worthy to be a part of anyone's life. I often feel like I should just move away and become a recluse that way I'm not a burden to anyone's life anymore. Other times I feel like life just isn't worth living if I'm this stupid. I don't know what to do I feel so hopeless and like I am incapable of change.

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Dec 2

Being manipulated is in no way you're fault. Selfish people will always be selfish. If you have any droughts, come here, and we will fight together.
stupid, is a widly used word, although it is a gross generalization. Do not see yourself as such, for that word has no boundaries.
I have felt stupid my entire life, and everyone has only ever told me that I am, worth less and should just give up. I believed that I was stupid, but didn't give up.
Now, I have been diagnosed, and know I am in no way less than anyone else.
Nor are you in anyway inferior.
I wish you the best.

Dec 3

Hi there, I'm so sorry you've been hurt by those around you. Please don't feel stupid. To have a trusting nature isn't a matter of intelligence or not, it's just part of who you are, and a lovely part at that.
This aspect of your personality that makes you tend not to notice negative treatment is the same aspect that makes you a calm and relaxing person to be around. Skeptics who may detect manipulation also can tend to over-analyze friends/situations that are actually harmless.
God created each of us with unique traits and abilities, ways of viewing the world. And the way that you operate is necessary and valuable.

Dec 3

You are not stupid. To be trusting is a wonderful quality and shows your innocence and goodness. God created with love and purpose. You are not responsible for the actions and choices of others. I will be praying for you that God reveal is plan for you. There are some good resources here ( ) that might give you some insights for positive change. Hugs.


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