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I just can't seem to gain back my self worth. The only thing


I just can't seem to gain back my self worth. The only thing I can think of is the past. My life used to be so good and now it's completely fallen apart. I used to have so many friends, I had someone to hold, and I was doing well with my music. And now I feel like I have nothing. All of my friends left me, and my ex manipulated me and used me. I feel so worthless and used. I just hurt all over.

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Aug 10

You were prayed for today. I hope that a glimmer of light has come your way and you are making small choices that will reveal that YOU matter and you are valued. New friendships await you. I had none at one point in my life and after pushing through the pain...deciding I wanted something other than what I was settling for...they began springing up like Gerber daisies. It's going to happen for you too!

Aug 11

@Barnabas17 thank you so much for this

Aug 13

It's true precious one! It is true! <3


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