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I have been kinda been depressed , this is my father's 21 ye


I have been kinda been depressed , this is my father's 21 year's that's he has left this earth. I do still all the memory's we had together so the 27th of february 1998. At 5:05 in the morning. So i called into my job it was supposed been my first there at Arby's we had big order for some school. So my boss told me. To take as long as you lkke so you grieve over your father i just been iff work for a week they were so very nice arbys our company bought us a plant for the funeral.and the just met me. So igaved them. A thank you card and i had enough too .

Feb 10

I can relate. My father died in 1988, and I still miss him.
Sometimes, I cry & other times I laugh at those memories of the funny events we shared.
May your memories bring you more comfort than pain.

Feb 11

I am sorry for your loss. My father died in 2007 and my mother died in 1994, I continue to miss them. I try to think of the positive memories because there are some negative memories that causes my depression to worsen. I had a difficult childhood and teenage years. The positive and laughable things help me get through those times. I hope you find comfort in your good memories.

Feb 11

My dad passed away in 1991 and, after caring for my mom for eight years, she passed away at the hospice house six years ago last month. My heart goes out to you. I miss them every day. After my mom passed away I went to griefshare. Have you ever heard of it? It’s offered nationwide so there’s a good chance there is one in your area too. It gave me the tools I desperately! needed to start healing and I met other people who were going through the same emotions I was, so I no longer felt so alone. I hope you will consider it. I’m glad you reached out.


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