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I have been in therapy for a really long time now, every yea

I have been in therapy for a really long time now, every year I keep having to go back. Is it really working? Or does it actually work or is this something that you're pretty much stuck forever. CBT is meant to change the way you think, but I don't think I am. I feel like I have become this toxic person, I am quite jealous of other people... I know it can seem that they also have it bad, but it seems like they've got their life sorted and I haven't and I blame myself for it. I also hate that I am envious when I should be rooting for them. I haven't made it known to them and I always support them. I want good things to happen for them, but I feel like this is something that I am not getting

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Jan 13

You can do it !! Another tip and advice I have is instead of trying ... DO !! Stop telling yourself you’re trying and just do it ! Whatever it is, you are capable and worthy of happiness and you are better than any demons inside of your head telling you otherwise. Time to re-program!!

Jan 13

Hi, i feel like you, that the CBT doesn't stick. I feel like I'm being a fake persona. A thought taught to me growing up. So hard to turn off that negative brainwash.

Jan 14

@bebobaBetty I relate so much! I'm sorry you're experiencing this, it is just so difficult- crippling now.


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