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I have been feeling a bit better and even manage to complete

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I have been feeling a bit better and even manage to complete a course so it can't be really bad! I have a Occupational assessment in a few weeks probably but if it helps to improve my work and cope it is going to be fine. I do find other people's comments at work are a bit not nice but I think they are trying to help in a way but I have been off my meds for a week so it will take time to adjust . Some don't understand and think different opinions which doesn't help me much so I try and stay positive and just do my job then go home again.

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Aug 13

I'm glad you are doing better! let us know how the Occupational assessment goes?

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Aug 14

Hello- Glad to hear that you are getting better.
I pray for your complete healing. Keep us posted.
Take care.


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