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I have a theory I need therapy so theres a crisis. I need so

I have a theory I need therapy so theres a crisis. I need someone so the person I usually talk to is scarce. I made it known that i need help so I'm being made to rely on myself. Wanted to take a step in the right direction and be more independent I was hit with a disability and lost my car. Accepted that I have to rely on myself my anxiety goes crazy. So what I think is going on is I'm unlucky and bad things happen to me because they are supposed to. I really think I'm supposed to end it before it gets worse. Like I lose a leg or someone close.

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Mar 26

Have you tried watching, or just playing in background,some calming videos online. Or even streaming calming music.

Mar 26

If you need someone to talk.. You can reach put to me... I'm always available and understand what you are going through

Mar 26

@bebobaBetty I'm so worried I don't think it will help.


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