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I feel like I have reached one of the lowest points. I don't


I feel like I have reached one of the lowest points. I don't have the drive, motivation, or energy to do anything. I have read countless books and blogs of what to do to get motivated. These resources have been helpful in the past, but I feel like nothing is sticking now. I have upped my dosage of medication and that isn't helping either. I feel lost and stuck.

Oct 17

I’m sorry. It must be frustrating for you. Sounds like you definitely are trying. Could be you are ready for a medication change...??? Sometimes tried and true meds stop working/body gets used to them???

You may have to see pdoc to make change. Also get checked out complete physical. I think someone mentioned thyroid in a posting here? You may have underactive thyroid?

Keep trying to feel better. That’s good insight and admirable It will not always be this way


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