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I am struggling today. My husband lost his job. I don't know

I am struggling today. My husband lost his job. I don't know if we can make it financially, and that was our health insurance since I'm self employed.

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Jul 6

@ala1904 Just checking in on you. How are you doing today? I'm glad to hear you believe in God. The Bible says he is near to the brokenhearted and poor in spirit. This is different than what I would normally think of as "heartbreak" but the sentiment is the same. He is near.

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Jul 6

ala I'm so sorry for your misfortune. Getting laid off must trigger all kinds of emotions from fear to inadequacy. What are his prospects of finding another job in the area where you are? My daughter just hired into a new job, but she lives in an area where finding work is easier. Even though we are in the midst of confusion and pandemonium, the country as a whole is restructuring a bit. I think there will be good jobs available.

Jul 6

My husband got a part time job. I work 2 jobs, so we are hanging in. He is hoping for something full time soon. We have a teenager too, so it's hard knowing she depends on us.


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