I am so exhausted from being harassed by energy vampires. I


I am so exhausted from being harassed by energy vampires. I would love a holiday but can't afford one. I am sick to death of this so called "virus" that in my opinion has done nothing but ruin people emotionally, financially and physically in every way other than being a virus. Maybe they are covering something up and we don't know what's really going on. They are known to be liars. Anyway since I sense there might not be a virus I am even more annoyed that everything still shut. I would love more than anything to go on holiday but know they have put the price up due to social distancing, So so annoying. I wish I could cut off every energy vampire out of my life. They have sucked my dry.

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Aug 3

Yes, sheltering in due to this virus is very frustrating but you must not have had anyone you know or family contract it. I did...3 family mbrs, 2 of them being health-care workers. It is no joke. Just because you haven't had to "personally cope with the disease, doesn't mean it's not a truly serious problem for SO MANY others. Btw, horrible things like cancer, bad mental health, and viruses are not political and they don't care who they end up infecting...for all we know, it could keep mutating and never find a vaccination?

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Yeah, I've interacted with so many patients who've had it. Most of them continue to suffer long after the virus is gone, and I fear what the long-term consequences will be. Social distancing is terribly difficult though, I know. It is demoralizing, and financially terrifying. I believe we will adapt and survive this. Try to be kind to yourself, take it a day at a time.


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