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I am feeling somewhat depressed, because am finding it hard


I am feeling somewhat depressed, because am finding it hard to find a good counselor not far from where I live. Although there was one woman counselor who treats depression and anxiety as well a list of other issues. I might check her out. I decided that I am not interested in seeing the psychotherapist woman, because she seems a bit too pushy. In her last email she said that I can make an appointment with her, but not to wait long because her schedule fills up pretty fast. So I decided to look around some more.

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Jan 17

@froggymom I am not going to give up on my search, but the last person I got in touch with kind of made me feel uncomfortable, because I think she might have been harassing me

Jan 18

Then she /he is not for you. Move on.

Jan 18

I tried an intern today. I don't think she will be a fit for me. I felt judged and uncomfortable. But right now she is free and I will give her at least one more chance.


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