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I’ve been feeling really depressed for the last month or s

I’ve been feeling really depressed for the last month or so. I tried everything: counseling, meds, learning DBT skills, etc. Nothing seems to help & I feel like I’m a burden to everyone.

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Mar 19

I have felt like a burden especially after 25 years of battling depression. Here is the thing though everyone has something they struggle with and you are not a burden. I have been free of depression for over 11 years now and I thank God for taking it away so hold on to that hope. And talk to a doctor sometimes it is hormones, thyroid, chemical imbalance. Most of the time it is a traumatic event that hasn’t been addressed or worked through. Don’t give up keep fighting to find freedom from depression. It does not have to own you. Praying for you! -Rachel

Mar 25

hey Kayelle, just thought I would check back to see how you are doing?

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Mar 25

Kayelle Have you tried exercise? I've had some depression all my life. I developed a routine of stretches and working with light weights over the years. I find it really helps. My day seems to go better when I run through the routine. It actually releases endorphins into your bloodstream, hormones that make you feel better.


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