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Hi so I dontt know if this is the right support page to be

Hi so I dontt know if this is the right support page to be posting in but here it goes. So I been with my boyfriend for 1 year 5 months and hes a really good guy and what I'm trying to say is I been so angry for no reason I just come out screaming and acting like a crazy person which iam not. I also do this to my family sometimes. My boyfriend told me hes tired of the nasty person iam ane hes scared for our future that I may not change and I keep telling him it's hard to change and that I'm trying to change. He says I'm not not be able to change but I told him of course I can I i dont know why I get like this. He told me that he cant deal with this forever and that I need to change. This isn't the first time I've been like this i cry my eyes out it finally came down to the last straw with my boyfriend and family and now that it has come to that I cry in my room and realize how awful iam and scared iam to loose the most amazing guy I know which is my boyfriend. I sometimes become like a crazy person but once i do i go in my room and calm down then i feel better afterwards but i just dont wanna do this anymore i wanna be my old self again . I cry every night and I feel hurt inside of me it's been hurting indeed of me for weeks now no one knows but my boyfriend but sometimes I feel he listens but then doesnt cuz I guess hes tired of hearing me saying im sorry and I will change. it's a normal down to earth relationship we always talk about everthing together. I just dont know how to change and stop acting like this I'm scared for my self and my family cant stand it and I keep trying to tell them it's not me but I get no answer back I hope there's a way I can fix this. I also tell at my parents for no reason I go on an outburst as I been saying what do I do now hos do I fix this I know I'm wrong for doing this I dont wanna cry anymore no I'm not depressed

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Jun 14

@DClady1952 I ment messages on my post to you

Jun 15


I did not get any other message from when you posted. I only received the one where you said that since I had not replied you were wondering if I saw them. I am still here for you. Get back to me when you can.

Jun 18

@frank426 I don’t want to confuse you more than you already seem to be. BPD stands for Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a cluster B personality type, like Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). They are not the same, but they have similar traits and behaviors. There is often much confusion, and misdiagnosis in this area of the mental health field. I recommend that you find a mental health professional (therapist or counselor) who is qualified to diagnose you, and point you in the right direction for the proper treatment. You are welcome to receive support on this site, but we are not professionals, nor are we qualified to diagnose you. It’s very important that you find out exactly what your issue is; as mentioned, there is a great deal of confusion in this area. Your future life and happiness may depend on receiving the right help and treatment. A short fuse, lack of impulse control, and rapidly changing moods can be indicative of BPD, NPD, and Bipolar Disorder. But they are different and require different medications and treatment. Also each person is different, even if they receive the same diagnosis. What works for one may not work for another. I suggest you read the posts and comments in the BPD and bipolar groups, here on SG. That might reveal commonalities with your condition, and situations that might resonate with you. The moderator of both groups is a friend of mine; she is very knowledgeable and helpful. I hope you find the right direction for yourself. Wishing you the best of luck!......

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