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Hi- I feel numb to a point that nothing brings me satisfacti

Hi- I feel numb to a point that nothing brings me satisfaction. I am always angry, which is different from the usual feeling if hopelessness. Hard working mom of grown children. I am really rethinking my marriage. I feel like I am bring taken fir granted by everyone. Awww!

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Dec 3

I'm so sorry you are going through this. That all sounds like complicated, scary, and frustrating situations. I've also been dealing with a lot of anger recently. I don't know what to do with it. It makes me feel stuck. I feel for you. Please know that your feelings are valid and that you are not alone.

Dec 6

I don't know your situation but sounds alot like mine. I'm a recent empty nester. Now, it is my husband and I. It's taking some serious readjusting because with just the two of us at home-our 'flaws' are more obvious. I realized for example, he doesn't talk during dinner. With kids chattering, it was less obvious. Now, it's silent during dinner unless I talk. I was always so busy with kids that I never noticed how 'not busy' he is after work. I've had to work through the anger of still having to be busy cooking and cleaning etc after work, while he hangs out. Meanwhile, the adult kids text constantly in need of one thing or another. My solution? First, I realized it's a transition time and really not my husbands fault-he's the same guy I love. I was just needing to shift focus some. I started adding in several things that I want to do each week. I've given all these years and came last. There's no reason not have coffee with friends, go to the gym, order take-out once in awhile...oh, and I went back to school. No one takes me for granted anymore :D Maybe some of these thoughts will help you realize it's ok to set new boundaries and add new things to your life at this point. Oh--and mid-week dates happen now, which is spicing up the marriage quite alot :D

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