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Hi everybody. First, I apologize for the long post. I'm not

Hi everybody. First, I apologize for the long post. I'm not sure if this is the right place to be writing, but what the hell.
Around 3 years ago I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I've gone to the psychiatrist for a year and stopped when things seemed better and I moved to different city. Around 8 months ago, me and my boyfriend moved to another country because I got a job offer and always wanted to move. After some time I realized that I don't like the job, I was bored and unmotivated so I didn't extend the contract.
Now it's been more than a month that I'm not working, I can't find a new job in my field and am not under financial pressure to take anything, which means I'm alone and can do whatever I want until my boyfriend gets home when we hang out together. Just like a lot of people, I thought that it would be great to have so much free time, but I'm becoming more and more depressed each day. I have problems getting out of bed and sometimes I get anxious about normal stuff, like going to the store. Most of the days I don't leave the apartment at all, and the other days it's only to buy food. I don't have any friends in this country and I don't have any hobbies that could take up some of my time. Most of the time I'm in my bed re-watching series/movies.
I had so many plans on what to do while I'm free, but I don't have the will to do anything anymore, I just wait for the day to end so I can do nothing all over again. I feel like I should just "snap out of it and do something" but I'm just unable to do it.

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Nov 8

I agree - depression is the pits!! Sounds like you're understandably starving for companionship, friends, meaning, activity. I think if you were able to just "snap out of it" then you would have done so by now! So I don't think depression is that easy to get under control, by will-power alone.
Do you speak the language of the country you are in now? Could you find a meaningful volunteer job in your field? If not, can you find a meaningful volunteer job that engages you? Could you check with the local government or local church/synagogue/mosque/temple and find out what sort of programs you could hook into? Or if there are social groups for newcomers? Best of luck to you!

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Nov 11

L2015 gives some great advice-I hope you will consider finding a volunteer job, even part time. Or even just a volunteer organization where you could connect with other people. If volunteering isn't your thing, have you considered taking up a new hobby, such as running, cycling, reading new books, or knitting/crocheting? Maybe you could then find a group centered around your new hobby and have some new friends. Please post back and let us know how you're doing.


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