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Hey there. I'm going thru a very difficult breakup. After a

Hey there. I'm going thru a very difficult breakup. After a lifetime of failed relationships and divorce, I finally found a man that I really could see myself spend the rest of my life with and he felt the same way. Our connection was special, our relationship the healthiest I had ever had or heard of. But it came to an end because of change. From the beginning I let him know my plans of remaining childless and he was ok with that until he wasn't. He tried to bury it for a year+ but it kept haunting him so now, after dragging his feet and me begging him to stay, he's gone. And it hurts, bad. People split when the love is gone or someone did something bad. Not when they love each other and are happier than ever. So now my heart is heavy and I cry at any given moment. I cant find the motivation to do much and push most people around me away.

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Feb 13

You decided to stick to what you knew was your right way to live, you should be proud of yourself.

Feb 14

Nothing about it feels right but there was no middle ground option. One of us would have had to give in order to stay together and the other would have had issues with it eventually. Such a sad sad ending.


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