Hello, I am feeling down. I live with my parents; cann


I am feeling down.
I live with my parents; cannot get a place of my own for culture reasons and not married. Nearly reaching 40 and not made a great career as I wishes I have done.
Do not have any friends and feel like such a loser that I want to curl up and cry right now. Only comfort I have is sleeping and I have done that for so many years now. Go to bed right after work; thinking that was normal.
I want to fight back in life and prove that OI am not a loser any more. Anyone out there feeling like this. Need all the support I can get.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Jan 13

@Ducktape Explore new possibilites is a great piece of advice, thank you.

Jan 13

Yes we do have some things in common. You are a amazing person - despite what life has thrown at you - you have fought against it and carried on. A super strong person and very inspirational. It has moved me to a great deal for you reaching out. Your kind words 'you are not alone' has moved me agreat deal. Thank you. :)

Jan 13

@solitarysadness You have such a kind and pure spirit. The world is a good place simply because people like you, so sympathetic and caring, do exist.


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