Hello Angels, Happy St. Patrick's day....May the luck of the

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Hello Angels, Happy St. Patrick's day....May the luck of the Irish follow you through life :)

I'd like to share this with you, as it was shared with me....to give me a new outlook and new way of thinking. I'd like to know what tools do you use to help you over anxiety and depression....have you tried frequency music?


You are God's warrior angel
I hear this from him each time he speaks
I write out what he tells me to share
So, I can help you become stronger not weak

There comes a time on our journey
That we must pause and reflect
There's no need to add further shame or judgements
That is something I'd like to teach you to forget

So, take time out now angels
And give yourself a pat on the back
You've made it this far, so just keep going forward
And you will put your life on a different track

Your new journey takes a vow and commitment
And it can't stop when things get rough
A new ritual you will do for the rest of your life
That will make your mind and spirit stronger and tough

Angels, sign and date your commitment
Make yourself a new vow today
And know from this moment forward you’ll stop and think
And calmly remove each obstacle that blocks your way

© Giggles the Poet
March 16, 2017
8:00 a.m.

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Mar 17, 2017

Hello Doll and Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you. Love the warrior poem amazing xo

Giggles the Poet's picture
Mar 20, 2017

Thank you angel....how are you? I keep writing the more stress I see....lol a great way to grow.....


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