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Good morning to everyone, i want to thank you guys for your


Good morning to everyone, i want to thank you guys for your support and words, it really means the world to me. Just to update, my daughter is going to a facility 3 hrs away but I know it's what she nedds. I looked up the place and it seems nice, but final thoughts will be when I arrive there. It seems like they have a good program for the adolescents and she will get the proper care. So that makes me happy. I do miss her everyday. It's going to be hard with the 3hr travel, won't be able to see her a lot, but at the same time she needs the time to heal and go through her therapy. Thank you again everyone!! You guys are awesome!

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Mar 15

I'm happy your daughter will get the treatment she needs. I know you'll miss her but it will be for the best! I wish you both the very best!

Mar 16

This sounds like a good opportunity for your daughter. I feel your care and concern, and gratitude. Good luck!

Mar 16

So thankful that your daughter will be in a good place and get the care, nurturing, love and support she needs to experience healing. Set your sights on when she is home again and you will both be able to spend positive time together. Of course you will miss her, but celebrate that she is healing and being restored. Pray for her every day! Time has a way of moving quickly, keep yourself busy and stay positive. All will be well.


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