Good morning hope everyone is well. I’m not able to sleep

Good morning hope everyone is well. I’m not able to sleep and have to work soon . Im exhausted and constantly thinking and worry I know it’s my depression and anxiety. I feel my life is so empty I know I should be grateful for all that I have but instead I just live in the past my kids when they were younger, why do I have to work so hard , why couldn’t the man I really loved at one time not leave, I feel pathetic.

Jan 25

I think it's great that you're aware of the fact you should be grateful for what you've been given in life. I find that the best thing to help me sleep is watching a good movie or something that catches my attention before bed. It gives me something else to focus my thoughts on while I'm sleeping and that might be the case for you too.

While you might feel bad about how hard you have to work hard atleast you can come home and be proud of the work you do to put food on the table for your children. Maybe you can find happiness in the fact that you are doing everything you can for them and putting your personal wants/needs aside.

I'll be keeping both you and your children in my prayers and I sincerely hope you start feeling better soon.

Jan 26

Thank you. I never looked at it like that I should focus on the fact that I did provide for them even though they don’t see it that way I did provide for them and they had a cute little apartment and food on the table and I was able to provide . Even if they don’t see it I see it I did the best I could.


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