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Feeling really depressed and isolated. I can hardly breathe.

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Feeling really depressed and isolated. I can hardly breathe.

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Mar 14

i know it can feel hard to make friends. so, how about not "trying" to make friends and just make opportunities for you to be among people and do the same acitivity (enjoying pastime) together for certain amount of time and if people talk, listen and smile and lightly respond first? I know a bit of what it's like to have ptsd, and some form of dancing helped me a bit. :)

Mar 15

I am sorry that you are depressed and feel isolated. Try to get involved with others by taking some kind of a class such as chalk painting, painting, cooking class, etc. whatever may interest you. You could volunteer at a hospital, animal shelter, assistant living place, etc. whatever you may like to do. These things would help you to meet people who may lead to friendship.

Mar 19

I am sorry you are going thru such a rough time! Make sure to connect with others, maybe find a young adult group at a church or even a fun class at community college or rec center. God made us to live in community and being alone all the time or stuck in toxic relationships, will only harm you long term. God made you beautiful and strong and brave, but sometimes we forget and lose that identity throughout the span of our lives due to toxic situations or experiences that happen in our lives. You can overcome, and you can find joy, a true joy that is truly life changing, and you will be much happier and have a full life when you do!! Praying for you!!


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