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feeling depressed and lonely, cutting is tempting, but its b

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feeling depressed and lonely, cutting is tempting, but its been a while, so i am going to try and fight it. depression never truly goes away i've found, its more something you have to learn to cope and live with. and its not all bad though. if you can push forward you gain coping mechanisms, and gain perspective that many people don't have. I've been down a dark road, where my mind was set on death, I planned everything out, found just the right drug to take, but i survived somehow and got a second chance. And since then i have had happy moments, and things have gotten better. doesn't mean you don't still feel pain, heartache, loss, but you realize those emotions are temporary, and you will begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Feb 14

Really proud of you for making such wise choices in the midst of a really trying time.


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