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Ever feel like you try everything you can yet still end up g

Ever feel like you try everything you can yet still end up going back down? I mean crap... I wake up, try to think of something positive, have some coffee, make the best of my living situation and still end up coming home and sitting on the couch crying. I spend hours looking at meetup groups in my area thinking if I just can find one group that sounds like me I just might get up enough courage and go...but I don't or the place they want to go to is not somewhere I want to go and is surrounded by drinking...which I love to do too much of if around and we know what that does to us depressed people... Heck, I even thought of making my own meetup group...and would I go if I made it or would anybody else go and would I be more depressed if no one showed up? I wish I had a good friend close by...so lonely in every way possible. Just giving up and wishing I would feel better seems to never come. Guess its my fault for putting my heart and soul into a man who I thought was my best friend and husband for life...only to be deceived in the end. How do you come back from planning every day and life for 25 years with someone to now waking up and feeling so alone and trapped? Its total emotional quicksand! I can't seem to do a dam thing anymore! I use to be so happy and outgoing, now just wishing life would just end... I've tried counseling with no avail. It seems like I've tried so many things but just end in disappointments. If I only had my old life back...but can't go in reverse can we? Just doesn't seem worth it anymore...

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Mar 14

Welcome to the SG Depression group. We are happy that you have joined us. This is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Continue to post and you will make friends and receive help and support. I am very sorry for what you are going through. Have you considered taking a class such as chalk painting, cooking class, or anything that may interest you. You might make some new friends if you took some type of class. You could volunteer at a hospital, animal shelter or whatever you like. Volunteering is very rewarding and you would meet new people. I do not know if you attend church, but most churches have different types of classes where you might make some new friends. You mentioned that you have tried counselling, but it did not help. Sometimes people need to see more than one counselling or therapists who they feel comfortable with and feel they are getting help that they need. I wish the best for you.


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