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Do you ever feel so depressed that you just lie there, space


Do you ever feel so depressed that you just lie there, spaced out? No energy to cry. No energy to whimper, to speak, to get up. Just enough to lie there and soak in your misery.

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Farmboy17's picture
Oct 9

I feel like that at the moment. I know I’ll get out it’s just hard falling back in the hole every now and then. But u know u will climb out and that’s a lot better then where u use to be. Thank u, u have help me today. I was feeling like this and didn’t know how to express it. I haven’t been here mentally and on this site in a while but u r the first post I read and it’s like u sum up what I was feeling. It will get better, we r here for u. Thanks again

Oct 10

@Farmboy17 I hope you feel better. I hope we all do

Oct 13

such a debilitating state to be in. In the moment I know it's so hard to imagine anything different, but with the willingness to actively make changes things will begin to look up. I only say this because I've sat in that place for several years of my life.. and am no longer there. Emotionally/mentally, I've been to hell and back again. I hope you're having a better day today and realize how worth a life well lived you are. Take care of yourself friend.


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