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Depression and anxiety is really defeating me. I am making s

Depression and anxiety is really defeating me. I am making so many changes, yet just feel so run down. I have a part time role in something that I have always wanted to do and there's nothing wrong with the people so far, but I hate it. I want to quit. I can't keep going from job to job because I lose all energy, interest and motivation in doing anything. Literally all I want to do is sleep. I'm trying to take control of my life but I can' t be asked. Plus I have had to stop taking my antidepressants because it tires me so much

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Jan 10

@Aria_66 Its true you can't pick your family. I got to a place where I could choose how much contact I would have with them. I'm in a downward spiral. Taking a shower can be the big accomplishment of the day. I know I should or could be fighting more but I just don't have energy. I hope I can pull it together for meeting my therapist tomorrow. First time meeting. Hope we can both do things that we know will make us feel better.

Jan 10

I hope your new dose helps. Please feel free to post anytime. We are all here to listen and help when we can.

Jan 11

@Cw1 thanks for your reply and sharing your post. I relate so much. Good luck with your first therapy session tomorrow. I hope so too, all about fighting.


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