Anyone else have acid reflux when theyre alone but fine when

Anyone else have acid reflux when theyre alone but fine when they are around

Dec 7

Hello I saw a hypnotherapist using a technique called RTT that helped me get to the root my numbness I was feeling when I was anxious. I know this isn't the same but maybe discovering the root cause of the reflux when your alone will help and with the depression. Anyways I would look into RTT it's quick and amazing. I can always share the contact info of who I used if you're interested.

Dec 7

Hi Dolo, yes, this happens to me. I actually joke with my wife everytime she is about to leave that I will get sick, but I always ask her that no matter how bad I feel she must go and not worry at all. The reason for this is exactly what you said, if she tells me she will stay I get better right then. So, if I was really sick it would not resolve that way. Even if I feel like I am dying, we both know already these feelings have not come to me for the first time and it won't be the last either.

In my case I have noticed a connection between my acid reflux and my anxiety attacks. I am 95% sure that my anxiety happens when I have pain in my chest and this weird feeling of doom starts coming towards me.

Turns out also that one of the symptoms I have developed is a fear of being alone. Everytime I am staying alone I feel like something bad it's going to happen and I will not be able to get assistance. As soon as my wife leaves the house I start with the acid reflux.

It is good that you are reasoning what's happening to you and trying to identify triggers. It will help you get better.

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