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Almost 2 weeks being sober. Not sure how I feel about this.

Almost 2 weeks being sober. Not sure how I feel about this. I do miss weed. But i think being sober is the way to go? I do have problems medical and psychological. I brainwashed myself into think I needed weed to feel better. But I haven't feel better. Not in a long time from smoking. Maybe maybe if I could get medical grade stuff and not this thc stuff. I dnt have anyone to talk to about this. I'm alone. So please let me know what you think. Should I stop cold Turkey? Its stressing me out to get more but I can get. I think I I have my answer tho. It's not helpin like it used to.

May 18

Hi it's tough. I don't know where you live if it's legal or not, but with the medical strengh comes the same issues. I would suggest tapering off THC onto CBD and using RSO or tincture--Then it isn't as much fun and it is more of a functional thing, but you have to wait an hour of two for it to work. I quit the smoking in July and tried one time last month again just for fun and I missed it, but it made me sick. That was a sign that it wasn't something to get back into, even though all I wish I could do all day (and I could if I wanted to) was sit out in the yard just smoking pot, all day. I knew common sense this was not a good idea to try and maybe I should invest in another habit. Anything would be better than that--I continue to struggle to find things to do, but I'm not running to a smoke. You are not alone. If you quit cold turkey it will be tough but I did it! I have nothing but free time so that's a Christmas miracle! I think you could do it if you want to.


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