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A debate on whether depression is a choice. I have struggled

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A debate on whether depression is a choice. I have struggled with depression since I was 13 years old. I am now 45 and I did not choose to be unhappy. Who would choose depression? At least more people seem to understand than don't and if you can use mind over matter method not to be depressed, then maybe depression is not the same as others suffer. I come here for support and for a person to say it's up to me, sounds more like people that don't suffer from it than do. As I say, who chooses to be depressed? I choose happiness but I still feel sad , tired and alone. :(

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Jul 11

I'd agree

Jul 11


I find it hard to believe that anyone would chose depression or happiness. When we are depressed, we cannot wait for it to go away and find happiness. There would be no need for professional mental healthcare doctors and therapists and there would be no need for medications.

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Jul 11

Depression is the worse, I would love to be happy but it is few and far between.


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