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Uh so. Its been a week that im back at school and it has bee

Uh so. Its been a week that im back at school and it has been a terrible one.

I wrote my suicide note at class today. That's not good huh.

I just thought, well my parents already have my older siblings, my bestfriend have found better people to hang out with. My friend who I like seems to be meeting this girl.

I just felt like Im not really worth that much in peoples lifes.

So,so I mean its not that selfish right? Im doing this for my wellbeing right? I tried everything but alas nothing.

I really dont know what to do please PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

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icetwentythree's picture
Jul 14

@Dreamsonclouds can you add me to your support so we can send message if you don't mind. Thanks


You are in my heart and prayers

MortalVirtue's picture
Jul 14

@Dreamsonclouds i'm so glad to hear that :)


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