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Trigger warning..... I am still down on my luck, no job and


Trigger warning..... I am still down on my luck, no job and **** near homeless and just lost 2 family members both in the same week... As a result i attempted to end my life but cops showed up before i could finish the job. Im still struggling with ending my life im just tired of it all. Help me

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Sep 12

@Keydry HI Keydry. I am going through a very difficult time also. Not sure how I will make it. You are not alone. I will tell you what people tell me....Hang in there. Things will be better one day. I hope this helps. Even though I am living in despair, I don't like to hear of others who feel the same way. Try to stay positive. Trust me, I know it is extreeeemely difficult. Send me a message if you want to talk.

Sep 12

@Keydry thats all we can do even if it feels like its not works we gotta stick with it. How are feeling? Message me if you wanna talk

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Sep 13

Hi Keydry, Life is a real b##h sometimes and the history books prove it. I offer my salty hugs for your loses. Let me add thank you, that you are just as strong as you were and are in fact mighty stronger. If I had huge loses such as yours, you'd be the man I'd want next to me. That is how life is, that is how it gets passed, and learned and there is no easy way around it. A load too heavy for an oxen is not due to the strength of the beast. Now...The depression settles in the brain not because of our want or need of sadness in all causes in the short term yes... but sometimes as an over staying or rather activity of chems and neurons and such and for some if the pell melling is continuous the effects can be longer term depression. (some people brains just do a little extra) That is when we should be convinced happy visits and activities can help turn things around. Therapist can point a way. Medicines can help too, however there are tons of them and many with undesirable side effects and are somewhat hit and miss effectiveness. So ask many questions. Wakes, movies, dancing were all used to deal with depression. When one is down we suffer so we are with you.... us so many. Blessing from the west!!

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