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Trigger warning..... I am still down on my luck, no job and


Trigger warning..... I am still down on my luck, no job and **** near homeless and just lost 2 family members both in the same week... As a result i attempted to end my life but cops showed up before i could finish the job. Im still struggling with ending my life im just tired of it all. Help me

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Oct 15

@Keydry You choosing life means something to me. Was very happy to see your post. I bowed my head in prayer when I read of your struggles. Good luck on the new job, Remember to give yourself a pat on the back when in need because God is within. Meditate on it, feel it, imagine it, say thank you, thank yourself as well,now yo have added a great experience to your journey. You have already started to share. Blessings!!!

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Oct 15

That is good to hear! I just read your post and am also new to this board.

I will tell you this, and it is very important. When you are feeling down again, because it will happen. Know that there is always something positive in your life and those negative thoughts are pushing them away. Dig deep and pull them back up front.

Find a free charity therapist if you can't afford a paid one. Get all those negative feelings out in the open whether it be on here, with your best friend(anyone you are close with) or a therapist. Talk it out, it isn't easy for me either. I can tell you this much, I have had very little feeling of depression lately (9 months is a long time for me). The fear loneliness gets me EVERY time! It has come back, and I am trying a new thing like this board. I know it will pass, that doesn't mean I am going to bottle it up and ignore it

It has only been a month, stay strong my friend! Life throws curve balls, that doesn't mean you can't knock it out of the park with a little practice. Keep talking about your feelings openly, and know there is always someone who will listen.

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Oct 15

@Doogas2008 Thank you, thank all of you. I'm getting my fighting spirit back. And I extend the same offer to you. I'm a listening ear if or when you need it.


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