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Today was my birthday. I'm never more depressed and self loa

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Today was my birthday. I'm never more depressed and self loathing than I am on my birthday. No matter what I always end up alone. Plans fall apart, friends cancel, and I end up sitting in a dark room wanting to blow my brains out. It's the day I get to spend reflecting on another year of my life that sums to nothing. I just want it to be over. I'm tired of being lonely, and sad, and most of all I'm tired of being tired.

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Sep 12, 2017

I liked the Charles Dickens quote ^_^

Nov 11, 2017

hi sorry i stalked ur profile but i just wanna say my bday is close to yours and i always feel this way! just remember someone will always care about u even if they don't show it in the best of ways sometimes

Nov 13, 2017

You are so loved. You may not see it and you may not feel it right now but you are. You are important and needed on this planet. If you were not needed in some way you would not be here. Nothing is an accident. You are here because there is a plan for you. Be mindful of the blessings that are in front of you. You are wanted and needed and are being guided in all that you do right now. Be patient with yourself. Each moment is a victory for survival.


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