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I hate not being able to actually just talk about suicide. T

I hate not being able to actually just talk about suicide. There are so many judgements, for one. People who try are cowards, people who succeed are cowards, people who talk about trying are cowards. "Oh don't say that, you don't really mean it". If anybody does take it seriously, they've right off got some hotline numbers, some stories about how church or meditation or the outdoors saved their life. I feel so lonely.

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@NCMom I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I want! I think someone who will take me seriously and can understand my grief and fear about it. Honestly, maybe also someone who could troubleshoot for me. When I tried, I vomited while I was still semiconscious and I didn't absorb enough. My sister told me after that I probably took too much- lol. She's a nurse too, so grim sense of humor. But I really hadn't thought to prevent vomiting. It's a really lonely head space. Dying is a hard topic under any circumstances. But when I've sat with patients and had an honest, caring discussion about their impending deaths, they and their families feel so much more prepared and at peace.

Feb 16

I’m so sorry you feel this way. I have a sister who was diagnosed last year with anxiety. She refused professional counselling and medication. Me and my other sisters pray with her and encourage her. I chat with her almost everyday and talk about positive things. Just last month she experienced a tough situation, she reached out to me and she said she was so scared. I talked to her, we prayed and she calmed down. If you have someone you can talk to, someone you can trust, it would be great. Also, please feel free to share your feelings here in the forum.
If you have a support group that you can meet in person, please try to attend, it will help you to feel less lonely.

I’m praying for you for peace and you will stay strong. Please keep us posted.

Feb 18

@woichneigewesenbin The hunger for someone to know, someone to care, and someone to understand is a normal one. Sometimes it feels like the push to pray, meditate, visit a church, or to contact a crisis number is just getting pushed off without being heard or known.
My cousin had someone who was willing to sit down with him and discuss his fears about death. The pastor spent some time during the week talking to this troubled fellow that was my cousin. He told him of Jesus and how a relationship with Him could change everything. Unfortunately, though the pastor was able to give him some reassurance for a time, my cousin still chose to end his life. I hope that you do not meet the same end as my cousin...though I will look forward to seeing him in heaven someday.
As Pink said, please keep us posted here on the forum, try to build a support network with people that you trust (Might even include your counselor/therapist/primary care physician).

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