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I fckin do this anymore. Stfu about her being a CNA is the r

PeppermintSunrise's picture

I cant fckin do this anymore. Stfu about her being a CNA is the reasoning why she's treats me like sht. Now I have a friend telling me I should hate god for making me a girl because I said boys get treated better by their moms which they really do. My mom hates the fact that I'm my fathers child. For all that matter she should've aborted me since she acts like I cant have a dmn life. I keep trying but at this point I hope I basically die in my sleep. I'm over it.

Dec 2

How terrible for you. I am so sorry for the abuse you are enduring.I don't think it has nothing to do with you being a girl. It sounds more like your mom has some issues that were never resolved, and she is taking it out on you. You are a wonderful creation who has purpose. Your environment is just not healthy for you is there any possibility of you getting your own place?

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Dec 2

I felt a lot like you at close to the same age. My mother didn't dislike me because I was a girl. She hated me because my father never wanted children. But she got pregnant with my sister and that was when they were in love and were married. So everything was cozy. But when I was born was when things were bad between them so that's why she hated me. Rather than owning her part in the breakup or blaming my dad, she blamed me for their breakup and hated me. I bet your mother has some other issues she's blaming you for too, like froggymom said. I think she's taking stuff out on you that has nothing to do with you. I think your life has value, purpose, and dignity. I think your life has a hope and a future, if you'd believe it. I know right now it may not look that way. But it's true. It says it there in the Bible. So I'll believe it for you.

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Dec 2

@ PeppermintSunrise..Hey so sorry to hear..Hardtimes dont last..as long as we take control and live our own lives and not around where we always experience stress and anger..wish the best in life..always here to encourage..


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