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Woke up ok and then as much mind gets going the anxiety is k

Woke up ok and then as much mind gets going the anxiety is kicking in. Wondering how I will react to certain people today that have made me feel so alienated and when I tell them that they say they don't see it. Sigh...I think too much. Feel too much. Just wish I could turn it off. Would make my days go by with ease. Haha

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Jun 9

For your story above, thoughts come and go, bothers people when they do, flatters good karma when they don't. I will hold the hope for you too. Thus, shall pass. just a split time of an experience, no worries, let them go. BTW, I always thought negativity is peak sights to know we are positive people, you are a jump start ahead. Good for you to realize them. Keep sharing!

Jun 12

I think a lot of us have those days. Overthinking just makes everything so much more fun though(the sarcasm is real). People don't always help as well, take it from someone who completely changed friend groups at the end of their junior year of high school. Rough transition, but literally the best decision that I've made. Sometimes you don't realize just how much the people you talk to have so much sway on how you deal with the day. Having a healthy support group can make dealing with the daily anxiety so much easier. People who make you feel alienated are not good to have as your primary support system, it really does suck

Jun 14

@Madhatterswife You cant stop your thoughts but you can change your thoughts to eliminate your anxiety regarding alienation. To do that, create an intention such as -

I am welcomed and accepted by anyone I interact with.

Repeat your intention frequently during your day, immediately before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you start to have anxious feelings about alienation, stop them immediately and repeat your intention. Be in a good mood when you repeat your intention. To get in a good mood, remember something that made you happy.

Believe that your intention is going to improve your relationships significantly. Repeat it until it becomes a habit. It will eventually become automatic. When you reach that point you will know WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that you will be welcomed and accepted wherever you go.

It point to creating an intention is that your thoughts and the feelings that accompany them will determine the events in your life. If you carry anxious (fear) thoughts about alienation, without knowing it, you will attract alienation. If you carry positive thoughts similar to your intention, you will attract acceptance.

You can use intentions for other areas of your life as well such as meeting new people, getting a job, or dating a special person etc. You will start to realize that you can actually be in control of what happens in your life simply by controlling and directing your thoughts and feelings to give you what you want.

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