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Missing a friend who recently moved away. He was my source o


Missing a friend who recently moved away. He was my source of physical contact throughout the day, the only one I could stand to let touch me without warning (anxiety junk). It's weird to not get a hug first thing in the morning... I'm trying to fill the void, but it's hard to trust people regardless of how long I've known them.

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Dec 6

I have made loads of new friends, especially over the past year, but I've lost 5 of my closest. I'm terrified I'll get hurt (I'm pretty sure I posted about my ex girlfriend somewhere). Part of it is that once I've known people for long enough, they typically understand that I'm affectionate af and it really just looks like I need to be touching someone at all times. My crush is one of my best friends and they're learning and (I think) trying to be more lenient with how much I touch them, but I have a constant nagging voice in the back of my head saying "They think this is weird. They'd pull away if they didn't know you're depressed." and junk like that.

Sorry for ranting, I don't like to talk these things out face to face very much. People ask me questions when I'm talking and I lose track of the things that I perceive to be extremely wrong. Love and positive vibes being sent your way!

Dec 6

Good to know about your situation. I don't really know what to suggest to you, maybe just if someone really likes you and wants to be your friend, they most likely wouldn't mind you touching them so much. I know if I'm really close friends with someone or like them, I would want to be close to them or touch them any chance I get. So don't be afraid to put yourself out there, if they really know you they wouldn't mind. Hugs!

Dec 7

Learning to trust those around you can be very hard, and anxiety doesn't make it any better. I'm a milso, so we move around a lot. The friends around me constantly change and my previous friends are sometimes thousands of miles away or on a different continent. Have you sought counseling for your anxiety and now this very hard transition/loss? You can call 855-382-5433 for a free consultation and referral to a LPC/LMFT in your area if that's something you'd like to pursue.
It may take some time, but eventually you may find that trust and closeness with someone else too. :-)


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