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I don’t even know where to start. My current living situat

I don’t even know where to start. My current living situation is horrible. I can’t get a job because I have social anxiety which makes it extremely hard for me to be around people. I can’t afford therapy because I’m poor. My boyfriend takes care of me and I feel like a burden to him because he has to work like 13 or more hours a day to support us. I don’t have any desire to be on this earth anymore. My family hates me.. the only person who really cared about me was my mom and she died a couple of months back. Nobody cares about me and I hate myself.

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Nov 10

@Kimmychu Such resources can be hard to find. If you'd like help let me know. Just need city and state where you live. Try the NAMI website and perhaps call a local psychatrist, therapist or mental health facility and ask if they are familiar with any low income/free resources. I read through the thread and agree that it is completely normal for you to grieve the loss of your mother. It takes time to come to terms with any major loss. Best wishes for you in the future. Hang in there.

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Nov 10

@Kimmychu i was going to write back to you a mean and an aggressive response. However, that is not my intentions. My intentions were worried about your involvement with suicide. I don't want you to end your life. That was my main concern. Many people feel depressed afterwards because they were there with their loved one's at the end. Your mom is in a better place. I think we had a communication error. Anyway, i apologize for earlier posts towards you. I meant no harm or foul. What i strongly suggest is that you block me, go to:
"Select a page" top one,
Than click
"Blocked users"
Bold letters "username" type in:

Best regards for you,

Nov 11

Sorry for what you are going through. I have a free phone counselling service number that I can give you. It is called Focus on the Family, numbers 1-855-771-4357 or 1-855-382-5433. If you decide to call, hope they can offer you some help and support. Best wishes.


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