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*TRIGGER WARNING* Hello im new here and what

Hello im new here and what brings me is my 17 year old daughter. She suffers from major depressive disorder,anxiety and ptsd.she also self harms. This is the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with. She just got out of the hospital after being put on a 5150 hold because she intentionally ran in front of a car and got hit and also cut her arm up which required 10 staples. I am so scared that i am going to lose my daughter if i dont get her the right help. Sure seems like there's not much help that actually works for her. any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 6

I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter. I myself contemplated (seriously) taking my own life at one time. I cannot tell you what actions you have to take but there is one training that I went through called the circle of security. This is a training that is built around being there for your child, not trying to push them in a direction but simply being there for them in the direction they are heading. This was critical for me because my parents always wanted to "make" me feel better, I didn't feel like I could express the emotions that I was feeling because I wasn't going to be good enough in those emotions, so I faked my emotions until it was almost too late. I don't know what is going on in your lives, that is why these things are so difficult, it's why suicide rates are so high in american youth... We can't see things from an umbrella, each child, each person is an individual... All we can do is be there for them and support them through all of their emotions, not trying to direct them or fix them.

I don't know if this helps but I will be praying for your family.

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Jul 11

I am a Mom with an adult daughter who has had difficulty with depression and other mental earth issues for the past 15 or so years. You sId that she has been hospitalized, but, I’m wondering, since the hospitalization, has she seen a psychiatrist? I’m asking because my daughter seems to have made progress with the help of a psychiatrist, who can prescribe and then adjust medications AND a center that specializes in her disorder. In other words, a combination of meds AND talk therapy.

Jul 12

I am a mom and I cant imagine the hurt and fear you may be experiencing. I am sending you a tight hug, and hope you get to also hug your daughter tight, affirm her, let her know how a great gift she is to you... I do this daily with my teen and preteen. I also wrote on every mirror affirming words and scripture from the Bible. Sometimes i feel its not working because they just say nothing, but i know they appreciate when they come for a hug from me...Praying for you both!


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