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I've been waiting to cut for weeks now. Things are just gett

I've been waiting to cut for weeks now. Things are just getting worse though. I feel so trapped
I just wish I was dead

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Nov 12

I'm so sorry you're feeling that, friend. Wish I could give you a hug. Please know that your life is precious and putting an end to your life is never the solution for life's problems. Would you like to share what's going on with you? Looking forward to hear from you. Stay strong. Hugs!

Nov 14

@littlestarsmum I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. I don't see a possible way for me to be happy without people I love getting hurt. However I know I will feel dead if I don't at least try to follow my heart. I'm constantly sad, frustrated, angry and afraid when I'm home but I still love them. I don't think they bother to know who I am. At least I hope it comes from ignorance because the alternative is that they know and are telling me who I am isn't welcome in the family.

Shayera's picture
19 hours ago

so sad to hear what you’re going through. i’ve been in the same situation. have you tried medicine?


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