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I've been waiting to cut for weeks now. Things are just gett

I've been waiting to cut for weeks now. Things are just getting worse though. I feel so trapped
I just wish I was dead

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Nov 20

@Kiki.Michelle i haven't done it just because of my boyfriend. He told me i could as long as I stop when he says. That's when I knew I did want the release but i also saw it as practice

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Nov 20

@Bluecloud89 im sorry to say this to you. but on the scale of 1 to 10, meds only help you 1. and the rest, you have to put yourself together and fight back. i stopped using meds because honestly meds didnt work on me. so i have to try something else. i try to make simple plan for myself. at first, it only got worse, i messed up, i cried, i cut. but then at some point, it just got better. the thing is you gotta stay alive, stay strong, and hang on until the day thing would get better. if you want you can direct me anytime and i promise i will be there for you.

Nov 20

I know this won't help short term and pray it doesn't sound insensitive at all. Has your counselor or anyone ever suggested you do the thankful plan? Have you ever thought of doing it yourself. I've seen people on this site doing it. I did it myself. What I started doing years ago, because I'm a sort of negative person and wanted to think more positive, was I tried thinking of ONE thing a day I could be thankful for. Just one thing is good. Over time I started to find myself dwelling on more positive things. If you can't do it now, at least try it on Thanksgiving. After awhile if you do it every day, it becomes a sort of habit on its own and you start to find yourself feeling more positive.


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