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I'm really scared for school next year. I'm going to be a se

I'm really scared for school next year. I'm going to be a senior in high school and I won't have any friends. The biggest problem though is that the girl who ruined my life will be there. She used to be my best friend but she turned super toxic. She treated me differently and worse than all of her other friends and made me feel like crap every day. I tried to end our friendship but it didn't work and she still acts like we are best friends. I'm the president of a club she's in and she tries to sabotage the club all the time since she's jealous. Also, most of the people I know are in her friend group so I can't avoid her. I tried to make new friends but I haven't found anyone and my high school is small. This girl is the one of the main reasons why I am depressed and tried to end my life last spring. I'm really scared to see her again. Earth time I see her name my depression sets in and I get super anxious. I've tried to talk about to some people including a therapist but they don't really seem to get it. I don't know what to do.

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Aug 11

Im alone and going into high school. I understand you 100%, see a teachers daughter and I were bff's until 2 years ago. I grew boobs before her, and had my period before her, so she went all jelly mode. I understand. Remember this though: Say it to your self "I am Queen". It helps.

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Aug 11

don't let her rule you like this. she seems to be a small minded little person. so put her in her place. not saying get in her face and do so, but in your mind see what she is and focus on you and your business. and don't carry her and her crap with you when you leave school, for the day and for good. just do you, handle what you have to, graduate, and move on with your life.

Aug 13

I'm sorry that you faced this last year, and are looking at having to deal with her again. Your life is worth SO MUCH. Please know that even though you all are not friends, and she makes your life hard, it doesn't mean your life isn't worthwhile.

Who is the faculty sponsor of this club? Could you speak with them about the tension that has been building between you two? Does your school have some sort of peer mediation program? Another question, perhaps you could evaluate whether or not you want to be a part of this club? Is it worth dealing with her if it is causing you so much pain?

I would also consider seeing another therapist. There are many types of them, and sometimes they don't fit with your personality.

I hope that you can have a wonderful senior year. Are there places you could get involved in the community?


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