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If I were to disappear today no one would miss me. if I we

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If I were to disappear today no one would miss me. if I were to leave today, no one would care. if I would go missing, no one would come looking. I could just go, no one would even notice.

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Jan 29

NCMom has given you some wonderful advice. I am glad to hear that you are starting therapy. We all care about you.

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Jan 30

@DClady1952 I wish it were true but thanks if I ever make it out of my house I'll try some.

Jun 11

Well, I care!!! I know the feeling & I feel the same way!!! It’s hard living in this world where people are selfish & only want to be around you if it benefits them or they feel you aren’t a threat?!! I miss the days when people actually cares about you....I pray that you feel better & possible try counseling!!!!


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