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I’m worthless. I’m hopeless. I’m fat and I am ugly and

I’m worthless. I’m hopeless. I’m fat and I am ugly and everyone would be much better off if I weren’t around. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried reaching out and that backfired. I’ve tried hotlines. It’s all hopeless. I’m hopeless.

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Jul 11

@jamieeliza please know that you are an amazing human. I know you don't feel like that now, and that's okay, but I've been where you are, and I've worked my way out of it. First, you must believe. Cosmic Love and hugs to you.

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Jul 11

I suppose it's easy for people to say you are not etc...but does it really matter what people say you're not on a message board? Time to do something with your life, and stop feeling pity about everything in your life. The human brain has a way of telling us we are worthless etc...when in the end there are things we should be doing to improve on our condition that we aren't.

So just coming on here and venting and saying how all is lost and whatever is good and all, but really what are you going to do about it? And no hurting yourself or anything like that ain't going to fix need to get out and do something important with your time, and stop coming down on yourself so **** much. I can't say what you are or how you look, but I can say it's all in your head, and we have the power to change what we feel about ourselves no matter how impossible life might seem.

Jul 15

You are enough and there is hope. Please keep posting! Being honest about how we are feeing is the first step to getting out of our darkness. Please know there is hope!!


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