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I’m worthless. I’m hopeless. I’m fat and I am ugly and

I’m worthless. I’m hopeless. I’m fat and I am ugly and everyone would be much better off if I weren’t around. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried reaching out and that backfired. I’ve tried hotlines. It’s all hopeless. I’m hopeless.

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Jul 12, 2018

God seems to work really well for some people and not at all for others. YMMV. Personally, I work hard at finding and building inner strength. Again, YMMV.

Jul 13, 2018

I am so sorry these lies have ruminated in your mind sounding like truths! We all have areas of our lives that perhaps could use some work. Are they easy to obtain? No, if they were we'd all be running around with healthy bodies, good self esteems, and perfect in all aspects. It's just not real. Beauty is from within not what we think we see on the outside, our success, our jobs, our earnings, etc. It's the values and character we reflect. A couple things that I found to help 1. When those negative thoughts of myself come in my mind I ask myself why did these start flooding my mind? What happened just beforehand that I began feeling so bad about myself? 2. I argue them. Ie. "You may need to lose 40-50lbs but who you are isn't your weight. We'll keep working on overcoming this and one day we'll be the weight we feel better in! 3. I spend time exploring my values. When we live by our values we don't feel bad about ourselves. It's in the conflict of believing one thing and acting another that makes us miserable. 4. Write in specific detail what your ideal self looks like. What do you wear, do, what are your character traits? As much as you can write about who and what you're about and imagine it as 5 years down the road past this place. NOT what you think you can obtain but what's you're ideal! Next, what's keeping you from doing that today? What are the roadblocks getting in your way? Next, begin to chip away at the roadblocks and start being that person today. It may take some time but you'll be amazed when you decide to align with your values today that person will surprisingly show up more than you thought. This happens because it's who you are at the core? If you need to take some classes, practice some skills, read some books, etc to align better with this person you wish to be then start looking into those things. This will re-align your life to set you on a course of hope! You are beautiful and full of purpose and hope! I know this moment hurts but I promise it will pass. You are an overcomer and will look back stronger, in time!

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Jul 25

Its been a while, just wondering how you are doing?


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