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First time on here. Cutting has been an extreme issue for me

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First time on here. Cutting has been an extreme issue for me; I almost completed suicide in September...and I can feel it getting that bad again. Just endless bad news and bad days. Relying on sleeping pills when I get an urge...

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Mar 13

I too use to cut and have had a few suicide attempts , it’s rough it really is some days are better then others, but now I live with daily panic and anxiety attacks that leave me in the house all day with no explanation why sometimes I feel so unwanted by everyone and I’ve come to realize that only you can help your self at times and even when you think it’s so hard it really isn’t there is people that care for you and love you , it’s sad that they only come around at certain times but I promise you there is more to live for then just the moment , you have your whole life don’t let your thoughts get the best of you , if you ever need to talk I’m always here we all are ❤️

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Mar 14

@Naynay1995 Unfortunately that is par for the course. He saw a weakness and exploited it. Men and women are both guilty of this. When you are healthy and strong emotionally you will attract someone who is deserving of the wonderful love you are capable of giving.

Mar 14

I'm sorry for those that totally betrayed your trust...There is no logic to those kinds of actions and I'm sorry it's at the expense of your heart. I know it seems like things keep piling on and there's no end in sight, but as best as you can, don't give into the hopelessness. You have a community of people here that want to walk with you during this time. Thank YOU for being vulnerable and reaching out in such a way.

What does work look like these days? Is there any way you could change up the surroundings?


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