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I have had such a terrible day today. I feel like crying an

I have had such a terrible day today. I feel like crying and screaming right now . I feel so numb. I keep on washing myself to remove his scent from me, but it won't go away . I can feel and see him every where. I hate myself so much. He will be coming tomorrow for a family dinner and i cannot face him. How can i tell my parents i dont want to sit. They dont know . I wish i just go somewhere and get lost . I wish the floor beneath me opens right now and pulls me jn forever.

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Mar 13

Thank you, much appreciated

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Mar 13

Hi, I’m 19 and would be more than happy to talk to you if you ever want to. One of my friends was raped a few years ago so I know a bit. Here for you if you ever want to talk and I won’t ever judge you. I’m a good listener hun, Hugs x

Mar 13


I am here to talk and offer support. I am available to talk.


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