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Depressed. I'm 54 and never married. It kills my self esteem

Depressed. I'm 54 and never married. It kills my self esteem; makes me feel inferior women who are married. I doubt it will ever happen for me. What's even worse is I feel it is because I am lacking the ability to bond. I blame myself.

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May 21

@PainNewYork some days are better. This site helps. Thanks for your well wishes.

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May 21

@Monica21 Its important to realize that your choices are not "bad" or "Good" they are what they are. You made choices based on how you felt and thought. and with the information you had they were the "right" choices. Now it is important to not compare yourself to anyone else. you have your own life. and you have been living it for 54 years. what if you were married at 30 and had 3 children with a not good husband and got divorced. Well where would you be? that was not your choices. Please live with your choices please accept the fact you made the best decisions and please understand love never dies. and you can find love and happiness and even raise children.. or foster children. There are choices you can still make. just choose to love yourself first. then that loved can be shared with another person.

May 23

@PigfaceMcGee513 I think you're right that I have to be at peace with myself and must like myself before I can share love with another person.


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