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worked on my resume a little bit today, i really dont think

worked on my resume a little bit today, i really dont think about it as much as i should. i think i must be unable to feel any sense of urgency for the big and important things in my life. i really have no discipline, no drive to act until its almost (or actually IS) too late. then i enter a horrible panic mode in which i try to do everything at once, which goes terribly of course, and the SECOND i think that ive passed the immediate danger zone, i return to that state of inertia. doing nothing. not caring about myself beyond, like, eating food and existing. i dont understand how to care about myself

well anyway, pretty much the only thing i did to my resume just now is make it look nicer. didnt add anything. im just so disappointed at how stagnant i am. i dont know what to say about myself. using most positive or productive descriptors feels like a lie. so im gonna go to a career center and see if i can talk with someone about my resume. i keep saying im gonna go to this career center and then i dont. oh my goodness what on earth happened to the wrinkly bit of my brain that controls my ambition to do literally anything

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Sep 13

Fear can hold back progress. Journal your thoughts and see if there is something holding you back. Getting another set of eyes looking at your resume is a great idea. Good Luck!


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