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Being weak is what got me in all of this in the first place.

Being weak is what got me in all of this in the first place. I'm the worst person and i just can't stop being weak. It's so pathetic, i shouldn't be feeling bad and I'm ashamed of how weak i am. It all doesn't even seem real anymore, i feel like I'm being controlled and watched, I'm losing it. If i die already i don't have to deal with this and i would be getting what i deserve. This is the only place i can say this, be a p***y and no one will know who i am. I can't take being this weak and disgusting anymore, it's part of me and it doesn't go away no matter what.

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Aug 5

@Traffic_Report Getting help isn't my favorite thing, but i tried therapy and maybe i will keep trying it. I'm not stronger than anyone, i don't do anything different than what other people also do, i even have more difficulties than them doing normal things. I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about any of this anywhere but here. I can't have therapy for a while.

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Aug 5

Hey, in what specific context are you talking about? Where are you weak?

Aug 6

@jayocaine I'm weak for feeling bad about some things, overreacting and not getting over it. I can't tell exactly what these thing are, it's something i don't wanna share with anyone.


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